PSA: Shoppers Drug Mart has Kokeshi Perfumes on super sale!!

So I was out at the doctors today and, of course Shoppers Drug Mart afterwards. As I was waiting for my medicated cream I checked out the clearance rack, as all beauties tend to do on a budget. When what do I see but Kokeshi perfume duos for $15.98. Normally priced at $49 for the duo, I couldn’t resist. There were two duos but being a good girl like I am I made myself choose only one. I got Litchee and Cheery, they are so cute to go with my other super cute perfumes.


AH-DOOR-ABLE! Really. Never mind Litchee has her head on backwards because i couldn’t wait to sample them so I could offer some first impressions about the perfumes.

Here’s the perfumes unboxed.


Out of the package. Their heads are kinda rubbery feeling, like a bobblehead. Litchee has a small blemish on her forehead I didn’t notice before buying but she’s still super cute and i might see what i can do to conceal it.

Litchee’s message is “I bring you Love”. The box describes her as “A tender and loving message, I embody Love with my tangy notes of blackcurrant and pink pepper and the delicate harmony of freesia and orange blossom.” Initially it was really strong to the nose, very floral and peppery then it mellowed out into a bit more fruity. These perfumes don’t seem to last very long 😦 But they seem great for a nice little afternoon spritz.

Cheery’s message is “I bring you Luck”. The box describes her as “A message of success and prosperity, my fragrance brings Luck with my delicate citrus notes and bouquet of fresh rose and jasmine flowers.” From the description I wasn’t expecting to like it, but while it’s really floral, it’s got a nice reaction with my body chemistry and smells floral and earthy a little

I think tomorrow I will wear Cheery when I go out to check my lotto tickets I got for Christmas from Santa. I hope she does bring some luck. 🙂


Del Sol – Nail Polish – True Love

Image –

Del Sol UV Nail Polish – in True Love

So I got given this nail polish over the holidays and it’s such a pretty snowy glittery white in the bottle I was so excited about it. But then I got it on, and I don’t know if it’s just this color or if this is all of Del Sol’s nail polishes but the formula is so super sheer. Shown is about 6 or 7 coats of polish (I lost count) but the color is super deep and pretty so I hoped it’d be worth it.

The color is a lovely warm off-white with a pearl finish to it. The glitter doesn’t really read well. In the sun it is supposed to turn a violet. I live in Canada so i don’t have much natural sunlight and didn’t get a chance to test that.

It survived sleeping, and washing the stove, and most of grocery shopping, but then a whole nail’s worth of polish just peeled off. I’ve had 24h of wear of this, and every single nail has a chip. The brush isn’t super nice or easy to work with, it’s slightly streaky and takes too many coats to cover.

Overall grade: D-

Post Christmas hauls

So this christmas season i have been carefully checking out post-christmas sales since 60% off is about my price point. So here is just a short list of things I have recently picked up and will be reviewing at some point.

Quo – Click lip gloss set

Rocky Mountain Soap Company – Vanilla Candy Cane set

Olay – Fresh Effects powdered contour cleaning system

theBalm – Shady Lady vol 2.

Vaseline – Problem Skin Therapy Lotion.

EOS – Cherry Blossom Hand Cream

Del Sol – UV Nail Polish in True Love

Organic Indulgence – Body Balm – white nectarine & orange blossom


Welcome to my blog, I am Gigi and my fiance and I are gearing up for a very fiancially tight year so I have a minimal beauty budget. So this year will be a journey to satisfying a beauty on a budget. I will be looking at super drug store finds, DIY beauty and how to get the most out of your makeup vault.

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