Del Sol – Nail Polish – True Love

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Del Sol UV Nail Polish – in True Love

So I got given this nail polish over the holidays and it’s such a pretty snowy glittery white in the bottle I was so excited about it. But then I got it on, and I don’t know if it’s just this color or if this is all of Del Sol’s nail polishes but the formula is so super sheer. Shown is about 6 or 7 coats of polish (I lost count) but the color is super deep and pretty so I hoped it’d be worth it.

The color is a lovely warm off-white with a pearl finish to it. The glitter doesn’t really read well. In the sun it is supposed to turn a violet. I live in Canada so i don’t have much natural sunlight and didn’t get a chance to test that.

It survived sleeping, and washing the stove, and most of grocery shopping, but then a whole nail’s worth of polish just peeled off. I’ve had 24h of wear of this, and every single nail has a chip. The brush isn’t super nice or easy to work with, it’s slightly streaky and takes too many coats to cover.

Overall grade: D-


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