Project Pan – December

In an effort to curb my spending on cosmetics I have checked out MakeupRehab on reddit and been connecting with other people who are teaching me to make the most of their stash.

So this month I formally am going to be doing project pan with 7 items that I will track and update once a week as to my progress, some will be done this month and some will hold over for a few months.IMG_0957

So here are my items.

Origins GinZing eye cream – I have been casually using this for months and it seems to last forever, but it feels so nice on. I’m going to really commit myself to using it up since I’m getting to the tail end of its shelf life. maybe 75% left.

Sally Hansen Vitasurge Strength Gel – I love this stuff, but it lasts forever. Been using it for one month already and it really does make a difference to my nails especially in this winter. 75% left

Warm Vanilla Body Lotion – A nice christmassy smell. Goes nicely with my regular perfume. Mosturize all the things! 60% left

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Vanilla Candy Cane Body Butter – I actually really love this stuff, it soaks right into the skin and is in a handy applicator and it’s great for during the day hydration. I will rebuy, i like this scent but it’s really wintery so I might just replace with Vanilla Coconut. 30% left

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Vanilla Candy Cane Lip Butter – This is actually a really hydrating but for some reasons when i bought it last year it got lost in my stash for like 10 months. I just re-discovered it and did a happy dance when I found it. Perfect for the season. 95% left

The Body Shop Oatmeal and Aloe Lip Scuff – Easily one of my most favorite products from body shop, so good for Canadian winters. I have already repurchased this product but it would be good to finish off this tube. maybe 25% left

StriVectin-TL 360 Eye Tightening Serum – This stuff is good. I have a backup of this product as well and so far I only have some fine lines under my eyes but I feel i tightening serum helps with my hooded eyes a little and gives me just the tiniest bit more lid to work with. 35% left?

So there is December’s Project Pan victims. I will check in with this once a week to hold myself accountable.


5 thoughts on “Project Pan – December

  1. Hey you, just wanted to ask if you’ve heard of anything over the counter good for Rosacea with Acne? I was using an Elidel cream prescribed to me, but I ran out, and am being forced to use Eucerin on my face. It works, kinda, but leaves my face oily. I also use a calming, alcohol-free toner for my face as well as a sensitive skin face wash. It works, but, in addition to a cream for the Rosacea, I was looking for some sort of mask I could wear that wouldn’t irritate …

    • I have never had this problem so I honestly don’t know what to suggest. This is the first result from google about a natural ingredient DIY mask for that . I have straight up combination skin and for me Aveeno’s Ultra-Calming line with StriVectin has been good to my skin but it’s so personal as to what would work for you. Have you visited reddit’s Skincareaddiction forum?

      • yanno what, I didn’t even think of that… I will check it out. my face will be oily, and then around my nose and eyebrows and sides of my face it will be dry. makes no sense. I do have another question for you… I have genetic dark circles. I am currently using something I got from Ulta, but it tends to wear off after a few hours, even with primer…. if you know of anything better, please let me know…

      • What color are the circles? I have occasional purple/blue bags under my eyes and actually what wound up kicking their ass was Rimmel Primer in Apricot. I only use it on that part of my face and then apply foundation over but it seems to be color correcting enough to make them much less noticeable.

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