PSA: Urban Decay at Shoppers Drug Mart

So when I started this blog it was originally about a girl who had next to no money and a love of makeups. I have kind of strayed away from that original purpose and happily so, I feel really blessed to have found the indie makeup game since it is actually a lot cheaper than normal sephora makeups in most things. I know there’s some good indie eyeliners out there but I always kinda loved Urban Decay.

Ta Da! I present Urban Decay's 10 pencil set from Shoppers Drug Mart for $35!!

Ta Da! I present Urban Decay’s 10 pencil set from Shoppers Drug Mart for $35!!

$35?? WTF. This is a sign from God that I have a mission this year to rock my eye game out loud. Look! LOOK! All the colors.

Swatchy Swatchy

Swatchy Swatchy

From top down we have Glitter Rock, Moonspoon, Vacancy, Faint, Gonzo, Smokeout, Mugshot, Stargazer, Voodoo, and the original Perversion. The colors! I actually was so happy about finding this at the TD Square Shoppers Drug Mart that I was literally doing a happy dance (kinda looks like the funky chicken) and I *might* have been saying “I got the eyeliners, uh huh, the eyeliners, oh yeah!” When the makeup girl looked at me and smiled and said “Yeah some of the sales are really great.” And all the sudden I was like “uh, hi.” Every makeup addict knows the happy dance.

So I haven’t become independently wealthy in the last year (sadly) so it was still $35. BAM — shoppers optimum. I been saving those points for ages and buying all my christmas stuff there and printing off all the coupons to get extra points on things pretty much the entire year and I have a lot of points. Cash in $30 worth of points, makes the UD eyeliners 50 cents each. It’s practically stealing. I’m so proud of myself. This has made my entire day. I can now go through my stash and kill a few eyeliners that have been around for a suspiciously long time.

Now to save up more points before I run out of primer since that’s what I actually went to shoppers for…


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