Upping my indie scent game

So this whole indie perfume thing has become a bit of a problem. Well not really a problem in the sense that I’m bothered by it but I find myself sitting idlly thinking to myself “How can I smell like ‘Not the BEES!’ all the time?” I found an old vial necklace that I’ve had since middle school (I’m not going to say how long ago that was…)

My awesome but old vial necklace. I don't even know where I got it or where I'd get another one...

My awesome but old vial necklace. I don’t even know where I got it or where I’d get another one…

So yay, vial necklace! The only problem is that the wand is literally superglued into the lid and took quite a bit of effort to dig it out of that little brass top. Then I took a fresh wand, snapped off the little knob on the vial and sanded it down so I could kinda jam it in the lid. But it seems to not close enough for perfume storage and not open enough to be a diffuser-type thing. The wood on this is beautiful though, pictures don’t really show the auburn streaks on the wood, and this is fun but it wasn’t really meeting my scent-necklace needs.

A year or more ago, I remember seeing this Dragon’s Den, which is a show where people with things they want to sell pitch to people who have money, and I remember these scent necklaces this hippie chick was selling… And this girl I met at Spinout (adult circus camp) who was super cool mentioned this thing, I need to find the thing…


My wedding ring is blue topaz, I thought this one was especially pretty and would go with nearly everything I own

My wedding ring is blue topaz, I thought this one was especially pretty and would go with nearly everything I own

I found the thing! It’s this scent necklace that acts as a diffuser but the oil doesn’t come out, just sits in there and smells good all day. The oil doesn’t leak out and is easy to put in with a little dropper.  I will update when I have a better sense of how long scents last in there, but initally it really has a nice throw, it’s not like having an open bottle of not the bees on me, but it’s noticeable. They have many many different styles and patterns, it was so hard to choose but at just under $30 for a pendant and a dropper that fits in it I had to make the hard decisions that come with a limited budget.

I know that there are similar on etsy from china, 2 for $5 or something with no neat colors or patterns, I may be on a budget but one of the reasons I like to buy indie makeup is to support the small businesses and feel like my dollar was making a difference to someone’s life and this is a case of that. The Pixie Glassworks pendants are made in Canada and really are just gorgeous. I haven’t ordered the other ones from china and I won’t because I have run a small business before and know how hard it is to make it so I like to support the original company when possible.

I am super happy with my purchase, it comes on a sturdy cord with a sliding knot in the back to adjust length. You get a nifty little card that explains how to work the pendant. I bought mine at the TD Square location of Rocky Mountain Soap Company, which was nice to see exactly what the pendant looked like before bringing it home. As I said they all are beautiful but I wanted the most beautiful one there still. I highly recommend them if you ever had that scent you just can’t get enough of.

Here is a little video of how to use your pendant, and to clean it and refresh the oils in it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WgC2oUEwv4 . Most of this information is on the card that comes with the pendant and the little syringes and droppers are available at Pixie Glassworks site.

Here’s a little view of the little pamphlet that came with it. It’s really nice, printed on some heavy card stock and perfect for keeping in my jewelry box should I ever forget how to smell like something other than Not the Bees.


IMG_1083   IMG_1084IMG_1085


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