Notoriously Morbid Black Friday Swatches

So I was trying to be a good little sparkly addict on black friday, with my planned purchase from Smelly Yeti, but I happened across this link for Notoriously Morbid, a new company for me. They offered a blogger package which interested me because it was a few samples and a full sized for a discount provided I blog about it. I was planning on blogging about this anyway, so it seemed the ideal situation. I assure you these opinions are my own, and that I wouldn’t say that these are awesome unless I really felt that way.

The samples and full sized

The samples and full sized


And black friday’s gift with purchase

These shadows are awesome, I asked for duochromes and greens and purples. They perfectly suited my order to me and sent me some lovely shades. The samples are a good size and the full sized is really generously filled. Now let’s get into the dirty and look at the swatches, since it’s everyone’s favorite part.


Goodbye Sweetie

Goodbye Sweetie- white with a gold duochrome
This shade is lovely, it’s really light with a lovely gold sheen, it’s luminous and fairly warm leaning. I feel this would be great for a highlight or a halo eye.



Garmonbozia – golden neutral with a silver/light blue sheen
Even though this shade is on the warmer side of things it looks super wearable and lovely for every day. I love this duochrome even though it’s kinda subtle.


Stripper Zombie

Stripper Zombie – green with a gold duochrome
Holy god! I love everything about this shadow. It preforms best over glitter glue but it does really well on UDPP and it’s green with a gold duochrome. This shadow makes me think of my time Irish dancing and makes me wish I was back competing. This I want a full sized of for sure.


Autumn Flower

Autumn Flower – blackened plum with a blue duocrome.
This is such a lovely crease color, I don’t think it will come off coppery or orange like Shiro’s ‘Last Homely House’ does on me, this feels more like a true reddy purple.


Goblet of Red

Goblet of Red – red with blue duochrome
I really love this one too, this is really a true red with a blue duochrome. with layering it almost look purpley and it’s lipsafe so I’d suggest I probably need a full sized of this one too.


Christmas Apocalypse

Morbid Mistake – Christmas Apocalypse
This color is a lovely lilac grey that is super wearable and cool toned. I think this was a color that didn’t turn out as intended but I love this.


Cermet and Paesh

Cermet and Paesh – blue gunmental grey
This is such a good basic color to have, I’m really glad it was black friday’s GWP and it was worth the wait. It’s really dynamic in person.


Nobel Rage


Fill level of the full sized, really generous 🙂

Nobel Rage – black base with purple glitter
This color is beautiful, it really looks like the night sky or something, very deep and glittery and applies pretty smoothly. I am so glad this was my full sized because this is a beautiful crease color and tightlining color that I will use often.

So all in all I’m really happy with this blogger pack, as you can see they’re beautiful and have a lovely formula and a super wide range. I also ordered the Murder of Crows set but I’m going to talk about that in a separate post.


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