with the upheaval in the indie makeup world lately i have decided to take a hiatus from my blog. It seems like anyone with an opinion that doesn’t change with the wind is downvoted for even participating in a destash. what once was a really nice cozy community of people with a mutual interest has become a really harsh echo chamber of who spent the most, who has the most and who is prettiest and the most ‘in’ with some brand owner. It pretty much feels like high school did to me and I didn’t play the game then, and i refuse to now. If i become friends with a brand owner i don’t want them to think i’m just doing it for the sake of some backwards popularity contest. I’m really tired emotionally and mentally from all of this and so it’s best if i just step away.

I will let my past entries stand because i do stand by my word and post my true opinon of things, but do you guys really need another arm swatch post of the murder of crows collection? i’m pretty sure there’s at least 10 of them out there. I’d recommend blogs that i read but i don’t want to be accused of trying to gain favor of people who i literally only read their blog and that’s the entire extent of our interaction. The nature of these communities is cyclical so i might be back when i find the right community to post in but until that day i will just enjoy my shiny and smelly things without spending a considerable amount of time blogging about it.

Cheers and see you on the flip side.


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