Christmas Crafts – Shiro DIY lipgloss

So Christmas is coming, and I, like everyone else am poor as anything and looking for ways to make inventive, awesome christmas present for my family.


Step 1: got two tubes of lipgloss that I don’t use, and cleaned them out, put them in a container and filed the brand name off of the tubes so I can put on another label. I used a sample of Shiro’s “Unforgettable” (lip-safe) and mixed it into the melted lip glosses then repoured them into the tubes.


Hey! That looks pretty nifty! So sparkly and pretty. One sample made two tubes at a sheerish opacity.

Naked lips

Naked lips

"Unforgettable" lipgloss that's built up slightly

“Unforgettable” lipgloss that’s built up slightly

This color turned out super wearable and pretty. This project was so easy I want to do all the tinted lipglosses now!


Eye of the Day – Shiro’s Hobbit Collection part 1

So I have been reflecting on my huge indie makeup collection and been trying to reign myself in a little bit, so I started looking through my very first indie eyeshadow collection, Shiro’s Hobbit collection.

For me, middle earth is a very important place. My mom read the hobbit to me as a child of about 5 or 6 and from that time forward middle earth was a real place for me. I love most thing Lord of the Rings/Hobbit related, I’ve played countless games, MMO’s, read books, so when I heard there was Hobbit makeup I lost my mind. Hello Shiro, goodbye money.

So I could do yet another arm swatch post, but there’s so many of those, so here’s my attempts at making some pretty pictures of looks you can actually DO with these colors. I’m kinda new at this taking pics of my things so please be kind but i am open to constructive criticism.

IMG_0963 IMG_0964 IMG_0965

I apologize for the white balance on the last photo. and my wrinkly eyelids, I honestly don’t take good eyelid pictures, I think cause of my hooded eyes. Any suggestions, feel free to throw my way.

So on my eyelid is Not Drawing Room Fashion, Lingered in Twilight in the crease and The Wandering Wizard as highlight and on brow bone. They are over Urban Decay Primer Potion and a light patting of NYX Milk to boost up that color and shine.

I have really hooded lids so I don’t line the top lid but I put a fine line of Lingered in Twilight on my lower lid so maximize my tiny visible lid space. I love doing looks with shiro (and all the other indies I’ve worked with) for the saturation of color that it offers. This is kind of a classy smokey eye that’s not too much to wear during the day.